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“Bakinity” is the primary technology partner of the State Examination Center of Azerbaijan Republic

Technical support

Process development

Automation of work

Continuous preparation of test materials.

28 years of replenishing the test bank
500 000 tasks in the bank
Continuous expertise
Preparation of the exam in a few hours

Public exam processing

1 Secure printing
2 Conducting exams
3 Exam post-processing

The system of protection against passing exams by strangers

Face recognition at the entrance to examination buildings

While registering for an exam, the system saves the applicant's photo from his İD card in the database. When entering the building, the security guard scans the applicant's face, and the online system compares the scanned face with the database of persons who are allowed to enter the exam.

Face recognition during the computer-based exam

During the computer-based exam, the webcam on the computer regularly scans the applicant's face. And, if another person is in front of the computer, the exam session is automatically closed, and a fraud notification is immediately sent to the administrator.

Detection of unauthorized persons during the exam and while checking results

During the work of teachers checking answers, a webcam is installed on their computer. The camera constantly scans the face of the teacher and, if an outsider appears in front of the monitor screen, this information is immediately sent to the administrator for analysis.

Computer-based exams

Converting paper based (off-line) appearing exams to computer-based form of on-line exam

Creation of secure classrooms in schools where students can take computer-based exam, the results of which can be checked immediately after the end of the exams, without waiting for the collection of papers and sending them to the head office for verification

Using of audio and video materials during exams

The possibility of passing computer-based exams based on the language laboratory, as well as on video and audio materials

Creation of conditions for passing exams for people with disabilities or people who have become less mobile during exams

Departure of a protected group (two employees) of the examination center to citizens who, due to illness, cannot come to the examination at the required time

End to end secure exam process solution

Personalized Question Book

A personalized questionnaire, formed individually for each applicant using a special algorithm. Indication of the personal data of the applicant on each book to exclude the exchange of books and errors in the distribution of examination materials. Individual formation and generation of a set of tasks.

Integrated response zones

Answer fields immediately after the task. No requirement for a separate response sheet. Not making random mistakes by applicants.

Protective packaging of examination materials

Group packaging of materials, opened directly in the examination room, excluding access to examination tasks before the exam

Improved logistics process

A logistics planning system allowing to accurately distribute tens of thousands of individual packages in a few hours.

Distributed pre-print process

Separate prepress

Individual teams working on exam questions and book content. Exclusion of a specialist's possession of both the text of tasks and the content of a personal book.

Dynamic content generation

Formation of the book dynamically, directly in the process of printing. Establish mechanisms to prevent digital content leaks.

Integrated quality control

Special algorithms that control the correctness of book formation


High speed automatic printing

The productivity of the printing house is up to 40,000 booklets within 16 hours.

Printing without human factor

Printing, sorting and packaging of printed materials in a continuous cycle without human intervention.

Closed printing cycle

Automatic quality control of printing and sorting at every stage. Automatic reprint of defective products.

Quality control and automatic reprinting of defects

In case of equipment failure, continuation of the printing process at duplicate capacities.

Test Bank Management

Acceptance, expertise and processing processes of test items

Quality of test items

- Registration of all test items from the moment of entry

- “Informal Formative Assessment”

Ensuring security and privacy

- Involvement of specialists from all zones of the country in ordering tests

- Providing each author and expert with an authentic code and based on it, secret code

- Carrying out the expertise process in special expertise rooms under video surveillance

Work process in closed conditions

Ensuring physical security

Investigating whether the group of workers and experts entering the bunker are close relatives

Conducting the inspection process of the employees working in closed conditions, as well as the expert group

Isolation of working group and experts

The working rooms in the bunker are under video surveillance

Ensuring software security

- Technical Task

- Procedure for selecting test items

- Unawareness of the State Examination Center Leadership of test items to be included in the question book

- Unawareness of technical team of test items to be selected

Post-examination revision

Ensuring security

Post-examination inspection

Inspection quality

  • Organizing courses for new exam markers and relatively weak exam markers
  • Preparation of assessment criteria for each task
  • Selection of reference works from real writing works and, based on these, evaluation of the readiness of exam markers’ for inspection
  • Applying a "seeding" process to ensure continued focus of the exam marker during the inspection
  • Examining and discussing the mistakes of the exam markers with them
  • Exam Markers' continuously assessment of written work related to the same assignment, improving their evaluation habits
  • Assessment of problematic writings requiring discussion by exam markers with high assessment skills
  • Affecting of students' mistakes (or their interesting solution) in one task on the assessment of their other works
  • Auditing the inspection process
  • Affecting the gross estimation errors encountered during the appeal process to the future activity of the exam marker
  • Failure to pay wages for improperly evaluated work
  • Investigating exam marker activities by statistical analyses
  • Possibility (allowing) the quality of the inspection process to be discussed by the pedagogical community (school and teachers), students, parents, etc.


  • Unawareness of which student the exam marker’s checking work belongs to
  • A decrease in the probability of student’s expressing himself by any "pointing" in his work to the exam marker he knows. Not putting exam marker's future performance at risk due to a "sign" mark of the student in any case
  • Incoming information to the center about the exam marker leaving the desktop during the online check
  • Attracting new exam markers in the areas (directions) needed
  • Allowing markers to make flexible assessments by conducting the review process separately for each assignment
  • Stimulation for active participation in the verification of the salary payment form
  • Creating opportunities for markers to easily join the verification process

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